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Technical Experience

I have over 34 years of experience in GaAs and other compound semiconductor technology and more than 25 technical publications.  I have edited technical papers for more than 20 years .

I am a past conference chair and technical program chair for the International Conference for Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (CS Mantech).  I also wrote the guidelines for session chairs for that conference.

What We Do

You designed your experiments carefully, analyzed the data meticulously, and drew solid conclusions.  Don't spoil your report or presentation with ambiguous or unclear English.

For technical marketing documents, don't let your customers question your attention to detail by publishing unclear and hard-to-understand product descriptions and technical manuals!

Use expert editing of technical content and language to make your publications shine!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Just submit your document in WORD or POWERPOINT format or your presentation in POWERPOINT format.  I will turn it into perfect native English for you and will provide technical comments.  

You will receive in return two files - one showing the edits and one with all edits accepted.

We can discuss edits and tweak the final product until you are completely satisfied.


Report / Technical Paper Editing

Files will be edited and returned within one week of receipt.     

Cost is $200 per job + $100 per page (10 point type minimum and excluding cover pages, references, and acknowledgements), where a job is up to 20 pages and can be multiple separate documents.     

2 day service is usually available at a 50% cost premium.

Presentation Editing

POWERPOINT files will be edited and returned within one week of receipt.

Cost is $150 per job + $50 per page (excluding cover pages, title pages, references, and acknowledgement pages).

2 day service usually available at a 50% cost premium.

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